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Why did you change again the coins I was starting to appreciate your new coins!??

Still not fixed

Okay, I do love this game still...however its been well over a week and I still cant connect to friends or do global challenges. I need this to level up. I saw that the coins have changed and I can now see the daily challenge as of yesterday...but this is getting frustrating. I dont want to spend actual money yet to buy coins because of these issues! Whats up with this?!

Great game

This is a great game that has steadily improved since it was originally released.

Great Game!

It is a fun game with real edits. It seems very real and you just can not stop playing if you start! If you every want to purchase this game, I all for it!

Best mobile game

Easily my favorite mobile game Ive had it on every smartphone Ive owned

Challenge count not working.

Since the last update, the challenge counter is not working.

Challenges Glitch

Completed my 4 weekly challenges, but the #4 still shows like they havent been completed ???

Dear developers

First of all I absolutely love your game and think its completely awesome. But the reason Im giving it 3 stars is because it has a really scary ad for a game called yarn and it was 30seconds so I wanted to see where it was leading. And I guess you could say its my fault for not closing out of it. But still I just wanted to let u know if u control the ads plz dont let yarn have ads on your game anymore. Thank you in advance

Best game ever

You will love the game dosent take wifi and best for boredom and road trips

i love it...but

i love the game, im level 11 and the objective "win a global challenge" has been around since like level 8 and every time i go to the global challenge there are none. please help.

The legit Beast

This is great

Temple run 2

Love the game but I seem to be stuck at level 11 near the end. Deleted game and reinstalled and still same problem

Thanks Developers 4 quick response.

Hey, check out the new coins really cool. Come check it out....


The characters run weird but good game

Still going after all this time

So Im still pretty happy with the game, but the challenges seem to have been messed up after the Aug. 9 update - Ive completed them all but the badge counter on the challenge icon is saying I have 4 challenges remaining. Also there are minor graphics issues in the character menu that arent really a problem but look sloppy. And I dont get the look of the new coins - what are they anyway?

No 4.

Challenge badge will only display the number 4. V1.39.

Love this Game!

Okay, I love this game! Very addicting. I usually dont play games...so this says a lot coming from me! However, I cant do weekly or Global challenges and its making it difficult to level up. It just says no connection or cant connect. Its becoming very frustrating. Am I doing something wrong or is it a systematic issue?

Cool game

I really like this game but I think it needs some graphic bug fixes like if the demon is right behind u and u turn it disappears

Very cool game

Good game but wish you didnt have to purchase the levels

What happen to the tournement????

Game updated and now no challenge?? Look like it is time for me to look for a new game? Any one have any ideas what game i should try??? ???

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