Temple Run 2 Відгуки


Код ошибки 2017


Заработала на новых героев , а они не загружаются , обидно . Исправте пожалуйста!

Ну так.

На любителя)

Одна из моих любимых игр

Awesome 👏

This game is so fun and awesome!

Temple run

This game is a very good game I love playing it and sometimes I go obstacles like that are on the screen the game is a good game to play


It was great


It is the best like Princeton O’Leary

Love it

I love this game and I am addicted to, but I would like to see the other called temple run coz please that game in apple store...

I love temple run but more like snake temple run

,thank you


All it is is asking me to rate it or watch ads it is not fun it’s horrible

Great game

5 stars

Nice job

So I like this game I feel like it is one of those classic games. It addictive and fun to play so you should download it! But one update that I think needs to be down is you can customize the monster! It would be so cool and funny. Like you should make it into a bird / narwhal! That would probably be really cool and fun. So there isn't anything bad about the game! Because they're is like no adds at all! So I'm just saying you should add one thing! So this is a good review for the makers of this game. So stop reading this and download this game right now!!!👍

This game is cool

I really am in love with this game I just wish it wasn’t as easy to die

Left/right turn

The left/right turn does not work. Very very occasionally will the game respond to swiping left or right. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Really addictive

This game is perfect long car rides, and this is coming from a twelve year old. Al you have to do is turn off cellular data in settings on this game and bring a charger pack. Good luck.

The ok game

This game is good but there is really nothing to do except for run.I think this game should have more things to do.I like this game I’m just saying people might not really like it that’s why they should have more things to do in this game.

Temple run 2 and 1

Are cooo

Prize wheel

What happened to the prize wheel when using a “save me”? Please bring it back

Fun app when it loads

Daily configuration issues. When it loads it’s a lot of fun

Best game

Very very fun game!!! I love it!!!

The best

I love it but musically is my best

Love this game.

Love the game only wish there was an end in sight. It feels like I'm running around and around this mountain. Wish there was an ending point or something to slow progress. Other than that, I absolutely love it👍👍 up!


it is very stimulating

Temple Run 2

I can’t keep playing this game it is so fun for trips

HeAve fun slather players

I know this game is best but it really want to know why IKEA Peabody get this right

it good


Jasyah Clark

Best game ever


It’s one of the most interesting games ever...

Temple Run man 2

This game is the best game ever

Best game ever

I love this game so much it’s fun so fun I wish it was real but it’s a little scary but I love it so much bye-bye

I like it because.....

I like it because it’s so fun

You are awesome


Super fun but..

I love temple run! It’s like one of my favorite games ever! But in the lost jungle content I was pretty disappointed. In the lost jungle content it’s just the same run and not anything fun like in the regular content.


Since I was 3 I was playing temple run. I think that temple run 2 would be even more exiting and it’s really addictive. I was talking to a 7th grader and he asked if I played temple run and I was like I did but not anymore and he said Kyle should start playing it again it’s better than subway surfer

Need Objectives Selection Menu Badly

Why the hell game sets out objectives ? There should a list of objectives from which user will select which objective he/she will achiece.

Awesome game

Thais game is awesome I think you should download it


I love this game and the first one.

Great Way to Kill Time!


I love this game

It is super adictiv but it’s RIGED but fun👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😁😁☺️🙃😃

Where is it

I collected some tokens and it said you can use this and I can’t find the token girl so you need to fix that I am so 😡😡😡 right now


This game is awesome

Good game and little bit improvement

I love the game and it is a step up from the last game graphics wise but I think the other maps should have l lower prices.


It’s absolutely awesome and I don’t like the iPad but this game makes me wanna play, play, play!

Temple run

I love temple run it is the best

Won’t open now

Fix this problem or I’m deleting this game although I’m really far I will delete it. And I have purchased Bruce Lee 14 times and it still says I have to purchase him to play please fix this

AWsome sometimes

This game is fun but even when you are on WiFi or have service it glitches and you atomically die.But that only happens once or twice a day my friend has the game and he has the same thing but yes get the game.

Not that good

This game is kind of good

It’s okay

It’s a game I spend a lot of time on but I agree it’s just swiping a screen I mean sometimes I like to pretend that I’m the person and I’m talking so it makes it a little more fun


Good boy


It is fun to play


Since the last update you no longer have the option to spin the wheel for a save me.

Fun 0 ads

U don’t have any ads


The game is great and I love it, it brings out awesome memories but I ALWAYS GET AN ERROR THAT LITERALLY DOESNT LET ME PLAY I DONT KNOW WHY

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