Temple Run 2 Відгуки


Код ошибки 2017


Заработала на новых героев , а они не загружаются , обидно . Исправте пожалуйста!

Ну так.

На любителя)

Одна из моих любимых игр

A classic

Both Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are possibly my favorite free mobile games. Great graphics and gameplay.

Dear creators

I love both of your apps so much can you please make a third one and maybe a 4th one that would be awesome and I would download both of them thanks for reading this

Way too many ads

You have to watch and ad clip after each loss


This is a pretty good solid game! I love the different and new characters that u can run with! I play this game when I’m bored and it is AWESOME! I love how the game has challenges for you that gives gems💎! However I do have a problem with Bugs. I am a really good player and sometimes when I’m running in the game it stops and makes me try again. Overall this an AWESOME game!💎🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🦍

I Love This Game

I Love Temple Run 2


Stupid game always freezes when you choose to watch a video to continue a run. Always have to close out of the app, losing my progress. Cheap game anyway that just does that stupid micro transaction junk for quick money.


I love it!!!!!!!!!

Love it!

Best game ever! It’s a great time passer!!!!!!!!!

Temple Run or Temple Run 2?

Personally, I love Temple Run 2. That is really all I have to say.😁😁

Amazing 😘🤪🤩

I love this game but.....NOTHING WRONG WITH IT

Gud gam

This gam gud

Weird bug

I love the game and haven’t had any issues thus far (iPhone 8). Haven’t played in a bit but since this last update, the app crashes whenever I try to open the character page and when I die at the end of a run. So, currently I cannot switch characters to complete daily challenges, nor can I save any scores/coins I get from a run. Other than that I really love the app



Great fun and challenging

I wish Temple Run Oz was available on iPad Pro. I really miss playing that running game.

Please Read

Temple run 2 is a really nice fun game but after I downloaded it I lost interest and deleted it. There isn’t much to do and there are tons of bugs that make me die when I’m not supposed to. Also, the monster thing that chases you should be smaller I can hardly see what’s going on. You also need to make it more clear where to turn at because I don’t know most of the time. Anyways I would add pets or something people love animals just something that would follow you around and maybe scare the things that’s chasing you?!? Just something to keep them playing, cause it’s quite boring. It has good potential.


It is fun

What to do with a lot of coins

Fun game but after playing for a while you have a lot of coins and really nothing to do with them. What be need to be able to trade them for things such as coins for diamonds.

Lovely game

I love the game


This game is so awesome.can’t stop playing it.It’s like I’m glued to it.If I were u I would get it.they have a bunch of cool stuff like different characters and power ups and different worlds.

Ur mom

Swag game but yas


can you remove the snake. This is a good game but every time I see the snake it make me gross


Since last update crashes a lot after a run when I try to go to the chests for daily treasure. Sometimes takes a few tries. iPhone 6s.

The game is LIT!!!!

This game is amazing! Totally 5 stars!!!!! Love it! GET NOW!!!!!


I love this app but I don’t like the characters and the way it is impossible thank you very much

Why I love ❤️ Temple Run 2!

I am in loooooovvvvvvvveeeee with this game I have been playing it since it came up I remember playing it with my brother and cousins in Mexico 🇲🇽. It is a challenging game that requires a great 👍 amount of strategy and skill. I especially love that even if you have bought all characters with your coins you can still play because you can work on getting diamonds 💎, so you can pick different outfits for your characters. I hope my review convinced some of you to download this game 😁


This game is engaging and super awesome!

Pretty good game

This game is fun to play but it gets old fast and it’s kinda hard to control.

Love this game

Love this game


This game is awesome

Temple run two

Temple run two is super fun because you are tempted to keep beating your high score to get people and stuff like that

Temple run

I think it’s a really great app

Too many ads

This game would be mediocre, if you didn’t have to watch a 30 second ad every time the character dies. Deleted it after a few plays.

Usain Bolt disappointment

I bought Usain Bolt because I was curious about his new power and he’s one of my favorite athletes. It just turns out that “Bolt” is just the “Run” powerup plus “coin magnet” powerup. This was a total let down because I thought the Bolt power would be something much cooler. Other than that the game is good but how you gonna do my man Usain Bolt like that



My opinion

Temple run is a very fun game my favorite things about this game is that you can change your items.also you should get this game

Best game ever

‘‘This game is so fun best game ever

Best game

My granddaughter & grandsons love the game it is so fun & Easy 😀😀

I love rainy

This game is so fun but I wish that we could help the people for three

Temple run

Temple run is the best game that I could find.It is classical but adventurous.❤️💕

You will love it

I love this game it is so fun to play.all I wish you could do is let us get gems 💎 more often love this game p.s maybe you should unlock to levels when we start.🎇💛🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇💜💙🌻🌸💐🌷🌹🥀🌺🌾🍄🍂🍃🍁🌾🌹🌷💐🌸

What I like about temper run

I like that it has obstacles threw out the game and I wish the can change how the have to Tilt the phone so yea👍🏽

46 outfit of 5


This is my favorite game

Love it


I love this game I play it everyday


They always show me another games while I am playing this game

Darn this game

This game is crap nobody play it

Luv Game

I love this app because you can change your character and I live for a long time

100% ❤️💕🔥🌶🛶

Very good but little bit of glitches

More jets

Can you get more Jemes without ruining or buying


If your looking for a game it’s this one

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